Elementary School at 皇冠hg客户端

Baton Rouge’s best international and multilingual elementary welcome皇冠旧版 program lays the foundation for 1st through 5th grade students to become self-directed learners and engaged global citizens.

皇冠hg客户端 students explore, discover and create through a program of rich and varied learning experiences built around engaging, immersive curricula in up to 4 languages: French, 西班牙语, English and Chinese.

True Language Immersion

Students in the elementary welcome皇冠旧版 program are provided a rigorous curriculum in up to four languages. These advanced curricula are designed to flow from one year into another from first through fifth grade. This progressive approach allows students to build upon the skills from one welcome皇冠旧版 year to the next. Students are not only exposed to the language but also to the culture and the history behind them.

Holistic, Inquiry-Based Learning

At 皇冠hg客户端, a great emphasis is put on the whole child. We believe it is critically important to provide a well-rounded, balanced education to our students.

The elementary welcome皇冠旧版 program nurtures independent learning skills and encourages every student to take responsibility for their learning. Our curriculum challenges our students through inquiry-based units, looking at local and global issues and giving them opportunities to look at real-life applications. We recognize the critical importance of acquiring skills and exploring content that transcends the boundaries of the traditional subjects—skills such as: 

  • 研究: Students will be able to observe details, learn how to formulate questions, 计划, 收集, 记录, organize and interpret data; and present research findings.
  • Critical Thinking: Students will be able to apply, 分析, synthesize and evaluate the knowledge and concepts they have acquired.
  • 社会技能: Students will be able to respect others, 合作, accept responsibility, resolve conflicts, and make group decisions.
  • 交流: Students will be able to speak in more than one language. They will be able to listen and speak, read and write, use non-verbal communication and effectively present in different ways to various audiences.
  • Self-Management: Students will be able to learn how to organize themselves, 管理时间, 是安全的, have an appropriate behavior depending on the situation and make informed choices to develop a healthy lifestyle.